Creating Business Opportunities
Without Borders


BrI Consulting provides diversified advisory services to Chilean and foreign investors who decide to operate and / or invest in Chile as well as in Brazil. Our advisory services provide support in structuring all aspects of a business, from initial conception to final execution.

Our consultants completely support the expansion of new business for companies that settle in Chile or Brazil. We develop all the necessary elements to bring these investments to fruition: studies, market evaluation, internationalization, corporate constitutions, and legal structuring and improvement of each business or activity.

Focused on the business realm, BRI provides highly qualified legal services with integrated solutions that offer each client the security and confidence to bring intelligent results to business needs in Chile and Brazil.

Each client receives specialized advice and our full dedication during the merger and acquisition (M & A) process. Throughout all stages, our advisory services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. This includes planning, defining strategy, structuring, implementation and reorganization, discovering opportunities for value creation, setting goals, and identifying future opportunities.

In regards to the processes of entering a local market, we orient our clients with scenario planning, market and sector analysis, development of investment strategies, analysis of laws, norms and regulations, contact with local authorities, search for strategic partners or investors, and collection of key information, among others.

BRI acts as manager and intermediary between the buyer and seller of a company, advising on the search for investors, representatives or strategic partners. We also guide companies in commercial management preparation in order to deliver all necessary documents, thus ensuring the successful execution of the operation to close the deal.


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